The Sugar Bandit

Dental Health Week Australia 4-10th August 2014

The ADA (Australian Dental Association) each year runs Dental Health Week, to create awareness of dental themes and help connect patients with their dentists.

At Balgownie Dental we have a responsibility to educate the public on oral health with a focus on prevention. Valued information to keep in mind 24/7.

This year’s theme is focusing on babies and toddlers. It's a chance to engage with dads, mums and those soon to be, and to provide them with valued information.

Who's the sugar bandit in your family?

Discipline with the grandkids, nieces and nephews tends to go out the window when it comes to Grandparents, uncles and aunties. Especially when it comes to sugar. This can become a problem when a child is with their grandparents a few days a week, then a favourite aunty or uncle pays a visit and then the babysitter on a weekend.

What we're looking at is frequent sugar consumption and early stages of childhood caries.

Dental Health Week is looking at the "Sugar Bandit". As we are constantly being made aware of looking after ourselves and our children's health. The great news is that newer parents are now more aware and tend to make better choices than ever before due to more readily available information and advanced technology at hand. Unfortunately the bad news is that all the other people in that child's life are not aware of the latest information and there for they are the "SUGAR BANDITS".

Have a look as this site has a wealth of information on the oral health of babies and toddlers.

The links below will guide you through:

  • Brushing - How to brush babies and toddlers teeth

  • Snacking - Diet and the frequency of snacking

  • Checking for decay - How to prevent dental caries

  • Teething - soothing your teething tot

  • Visiting the dentist- when should your child first see the dentist

Our experienced dentist and staff are able to assist you with any questions you may have. Calls us on

02 4285 3855 or contact us via our Contact Us tab.

You will find us at: 120 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW Australia 2519

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